😍 Metal Kalima Shahada Islamic Wall Art, Islamic Home Decor, Islamic Art, Arabic Calligraphy 😍
by United Gallery
Kalima Shadah Metal Artwork
Wall Art Calligraphy Allah Muhammad (PBUH)
Islamic Calligraph wall art
●NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED - There is a hanging attachment at the back of the wall art
●3D SHADOW EFFECT - There are elevation screws keep the wall art stands 2 cm away from the wall
●EASY TO HANG - Only one nail is needed to hang the wall art
●Color: Silver, Gold, Black,
●Body: 1.5 mm mild steel
●Dimensions: Different available please select above
●Break resistant and sturdy
●No smell and harmful chemicals involved, concerning health wise
●Delivery with a special packaging
●Moisture and damp resistant
This piece symbolizes the beautiful names of Allah (CC) and Muhammad (PBUH).
●Surprise gifts in every order 🙂
●Contact us if you need assistance.
Note: If Same design want in Mirror Finish then please contact us with order number. or mention in order.
Shiny mirror finish
Stainless steel
Thickness: 0.8mm
Whatsapp: +971569961007